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Monday, October 22, 2007


Art is like a border of flowers along the course of civilization. ~Lincoln Steffens

Anassuwandi Hj. Ahmad

Abstract art is not from nothingness, an abstract art is pureness from another of you. Sometimes you can explain what you do, but sometimes you do not. ~Anassuwandi Hj. Ahmad

Anuar Dan

William Faulkner once said that the aim of every artist is to arrest motion, which is life, by artificial means and hold it fixed, so that a hundred years later, when a stranger feasts his eyes on it, it shall move again, since it is life. Anuar Dan did precisely that.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Dato Ibrahim Hussein

Alé - Alé (1996)

Cambodia (1998)

To me, painting is like praying. When I paint, I am dealing with my heart, my work and God. There is deep joy and gratitude. Each piece frames a moment in my life. ~Dato Ibrahim Hussein

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Without art, the crudeness of reality would make the world unbearable. ~George Bernard Shaw

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Lomographer: Jeepeng (Kuala Lumpur)
Camera: Holga

Lomographer: Xenin & Molotovcoketail (Kuala Lumpur)
Camera: LCA & Holga

Lomographer: Liad Cohen (New York)
Camera: LCA

Lomographer: Raghda (Dubai)
Camera: LCA

"The idea of lomo is that everything is interesting and worth shooting, because the cameras yield such interesting results" - Liad Cohen

Lomo, or lomography (shooting with cheap snapshot cameras) is known for its dreamlike, aesthetis, with optical distortion, supersaturated colors, exaggerated vignetting, streaks from light leaks, and unpredictable outcomes.

Upin & Ipin - A Review

This has got to be the best local 3d animation series I’ve ever seen on Malaysian television. They have definitely set the bar high for the local production companies. Produced by Les' Copaque Production, it is a fully 3d animated series starring twins Upin & Ipin (voiced by Nur Fathiah Bt. Diaz) who begin the story by sharing their first Ramadhan experience.

The character design is quite simple but very original. It is obvious the animators spend a lot of time refining the characters as they are believable and full of characteristics that Malaysians can identify with. Details like the slight nuances the characters make right down to the kind of fabric. The voice actors too give as much life to the characters as with the animators. The characters in Upin & Ipin give a lasting impression throughout the episodes. The neighbourhood kids Rajoo (Kannan A/L Rajan) and Mei Mei(Yap Ee Jean). I'm sure most of you have encountered kids like Mei Mei and Rajoo while growing up in Malaysia.

Although the characters are simple in design, the environment is so rich in detail right down to the door hinges, plants, textile’s design, kid’s drawings on the wall and even the tudung saji (the thing to cover food).Anyone in Malaysia will tell you how reminiscent the environment is of a typical Malay kampung (village).

What I am most impressed with is how educational and rich in culture the storyline is. It teaches you Malaysian culture and also the teachings of Islam. It has a very Malaysian sense of humour that may appeal to international viewers as well.

The one thing that they could improve on is the sound design. Not that it is bad or anything but they could add a bit more detail or get rid of the popping and hissing sounds produced by speaking too close to the microphone. It is not that obvious but it is there. I'm just looking for something to complain about because it's just too awesome!

The series is addictive and fun for the whole family to watch. This series will pave the way for many generations of great Malaysian 3d animators to come. Finally a Malaysian 3d company I can be proud of.

-Adam K

Upin & Ipin Trailer

Upin & Ipin : Episod 1 - Esok Puasa

Upin & Ipin : Episod 2 - Dugaan
Upin & Ipin : Episod 3 - Nikmat
Upin & Ipin : Episod 4 - Terawih
Upin & Ipin : Episod 5 - Esok Raya
Upin & Ipin ; Episod 6 - Hari Raya

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